Choosing the Right Type of Business Sign for Your Branding Requirements

Jacksonville business signs are a simple way to welcome workers and clients. They can include anything from a corporate logo to an address and company tagline.

A visit to the Harbinger production facility on Shad Road was a visual trip through the business of branding. Crews were putting the final touches on a sign for Cowford Chophouse, and one of their sealed painting rooms was breathing color and life into another sign for Mellow Mushroom pizza.

Business signs can help you attract the attention of prospective customers who are passing by. These types of signs can be used for a variety of reasons, such as to promote a special offer or new products, announce an upcoming event, warn employees of safety hazards, or even boost morale. There are numerous outdoor sign options to choose from, so make sure you choose one that suits your branding requirements, building design, and target market’s preferences.

POLE SIGN: A freestanding sign identifying a shopping center, supermarket, fast food establishment or gas station that is located away from a street. A pole sign may be erected only when it meets the location, size, height and setback requirements of the zoning district.

A PERMANENT SIGN (monument): A decorative or commemorative structure designed to identify a business, organization, monument or historic site. A monument sign is usually carved from durable materials and often showcases the name of the establishment or a logo.

A business’ interior space provides a great opportunity to promote and attract customers, create an uplifting environment for employees and form a positive image of your brand. This can be achieved with the use of interior signage.

The interior signage may consist of any sign on a wall that is printed or painted, including wall signs of a dimensional nature, and the maximum size (area) per side is eight square feet. Any sign that is hung or affixed below an entrance door shall include room number and Braille.

The interior of the business must be clearly identified by a permanent, plastic or non-corrosive metal placard/tag with the name of the person, firm or corporation that erects and maintains the sign, the permit number and the year of permitting. Any non-conforming interior sign not meeting the requirements of this article must be removed by a City Building Code Enforcement Inspector.

A well-maintained business sign not only makes your business look more attractive, it also helps pedestrians and motorists to locate you. Our skilled technicians offer professional maintenance for a variety of commercial signs and types.

The production warehouse at Harbinger is a visual tour of some of the most recognized brand names in Jacksonville, America and beyond. Signs for Cowford Chophouse, Mellow Mushroom and the Jaguars locker room are among those being created at the company’s 65,000-square-foot facility on Shad Road.

Our team offers industry-leading design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance solutions with professional project management. From simple, three color message boards to full LED digital signage with moving graphics, our experts can deliver a solution that meets your needs and budget. Our customers are assured of high quality, exacting standards, competitive prices and on-time delivery and installation. Whether you are looking for interior signage, outdoor signage or one-of-a-kind heavy metal and custom fabrication projects, we have the experience and capacity to exceed your expectations.

A high-impact exterior sign can boost your business. It is a crucial tool in leaving an impressive impression to your potential customers and creating brand recognition. If your business’s storefront isn’t attractive enough, you may lose many good-paying clients and loyal patrons to competitors with better-looking signage.

A monument sign is one of the most effective types of outdoor business signs for attracting new customers. It is a tall, eye-catching sign that highlights your company’s name and product/service. It is made from a variety of materials, including aluminum, brick, concrete, and marble.

Harbinger crews were busy in their production warehouse, touching up the metal-based signs that hang outside businesses across Jacksonville and America — from the Cowford Chophouse to the pizza restaurant Mellow Mushroom. They also worked on a massive 15-foot sign for the Jaguars’ locker room that is set to open this year. These large signs require meticulous attention to detail. But it’s all part of the job for this top-rated signage service in Jacksonville.

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